YouTube GO launched for data control and offline viewing

slivertechOne of the biggest complaints about using YouTube is the massive amount of data it consumes when watching a video. This is especially a problem for users that live in countries with small data caps and low bandwidth. With that in mind, they have launched YouTube GO.

YouTube GO is currently only available in India and will be tested by them first before a wider rollout across the world. The biggest differences between it and the standard YouTube app is that you can select videos for offline viewing and there will be data controls to be able to select file size options so you can control how much data you use.

YouTube GO was actually designed and built from the ground up with the Indian market in mind. Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who himself is an Indian believes that the Indian market can give special insight into how apps such as these can be and will be used.

This should solve a lot of the problems with data usage and open YouTube to a much larger audience in the developing world. It will not be surprising if the next series of launch or test countries will be from the region.

The app was launched at an event in Delhi and is open for Indian users to sign up as beta testers. At this point, there is no indication when either a wider rollout in India or broader worldwide rollout can be expected.