Xbox SmartGlass

Xbox-Smart-GlassA new piece of technology took the center stage at the last Sony’s E3 2012 confab in Los Angeles. Microsoft’s tablet, smartphone, and Xbox 360 integration software called Xbox SmartGlass was unveiled at the confab. It turns an iOS, Android, or Windows mobile device into a remote for navigating menus or keyboard for entering text from a device.

It ties Xbox, Xbox Live to smartphone, tablet and other devices in the home. It allows a viewer to enter into any part of a movie instantly. Even better, you can tab an icon to find out names and bio data of actors on the scene without exiting the movie.

Gamers can use the Xbox SmartGlass to bring up a minimap of the dungeon that they are exploring. Players can also check stat of a boss or player that enters their game world.

It could support up to 8,000 Karaoke titles. When one in play others can lineup the next gig without waiting for the one in play to stop. It can also change the beat to suit your vocals.

So far no release date or media partners have been announced for the free downloadable software. It may come at the end of the summer.