Why Colocation Beats Traditional Hosting

2By Rack Alley

When it comes to running a business, it should go without saying that you absolutely must have your own website. You’re also going to need a digital architecture that supports all of your company’s internal needs as well. However, where one this would have been enough all on its own, nowadays, you need to ensure that the LA web hosting company you decide on for your business won’t leave you wanting.

As opposed to traditional server hosting in Los Angeles, colocation offers far more. That’s because you don’t have to settle on whatever hosting hardware the provider makes available.

Instead, you can literally pick out the types of hardware that will work out best for your company. This means saving money, but getting a better product in the process. However, the benefits don’t end there.

Another great thing about colocation is that you get to house this setup somewhere else. With traditional methods, building your own server would also mean having to keep it onsite and paying for the necessary staff and equipment to maintain it. That’s not going to be an issue if you decide to go with colocation.

There’s nothing you can do about needing hosting options for your company. At least with colocation, though, you get more for less.


If you understand Los Angeles colocation, then you understand you need to make the best possible choice in terms of whom you choose. Fortunately, Rack Alley should make this decision relatively easy when looking for Los Angeles web hosting