What to expect from Android O

Google’s next iteration of Android, is shaping up to be a good step up from Nougat. Here are some of the changes making its way to the new version:

Battery life

The battery life of a smartphone is probably the most important of all the changes to the typical user. Google is going to increase battery life by limiting the activity of apps running in the background. When an app makes a location request, Android will provide the user’s last known position, as opposed to polling GPS for a refresh. When the app is in the foreground, it will then be able to poll for the current location.


Another change is the streamlined settings menu. Now, only the most important and frequently used settings will show with an option to show the rest of the options at the bottom. This way, average users will no longer be bombarded with the long settings dialog.


Google is adding notification badges, called “notification dots” to Android. The feature, similar to the numbers on the iPhone, will show color coded dots to indicate pending notifications. When you long press on an app with a notification dot, you get to swipe it away or open the item.


The biggest feature addition is that of Picture-in-Picture. At present only YouTube RED and Google Duo support PIP, but more apps are expected to support it at launch.  With PIP you can minimize a running video screen and work on another app. The video demo shows the user with Keep and YouTube RED.Save