Understanding Each Type of Time Clock Available on the Market

There are several types of time clock systems that are being used in the common workplace today. They vary from a manual time clock to a digital software-based system. While there isn’t one that reigns superior over the other, they each have their own pros and cons. Here are some of the most common categories of time clocks that are currently being implemented by employers today.

Manual Time Clocks

An employee time clock that utilizes a simple pen and paper falls into the manual time clock category. This is the most basic system that doesn’t require a monthly subscription fee, extra expenses to set up, or any programs to install. It’s an honesty-based system that requires the employee to mark down when they clock in and out. They’re also to record their lunch breaks, if applicable, and at the end of the pay period turn them into their Human Resources department for approval.

Digital Time Clocks

Digital time clocks are another option that requires an actual time clock to be used. Rather than having an employee manually write down their hours, this system records their hours through a digital clock that stamps a personalized time card that each time they enter and exit work. This is more accurate than the “pen and paper” method primarily because the employee’s time is saved on-the-dot when they enter their time card in the system. These time clocks also utilize magnetic cards that can be slid through a slot in the time clock to record the hours as well.

Software-Based Time Clocks

These forms of time clocks require a program to be installed on either the employee’s personal computer or on a third-party program that they can log onto through their phone. These time clocks are convenient and an inexpensive solution. It has the ability to track hours, display schedules, and request time-off if need be. Many workplaces favor these systems because of their convenience. The HR department also benefits from this system because the hours are automatically calculated which leaves them with validating those hours and cutting out a majority of the process.

Biometric Time Clocks

Biometric technology is one of the most advanced forms of time clocks on the market today. With an accurate system that involves an employee placing their fingerprint or face on a high-powered digital scanner, employers can relax knowing that there won’t be any discrepancies when it comes to handing out checks. Plus, it allows the employee to have more freedom when it comes to accessing their personal information by giving them various options.
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