The Ultimate Buying Guide for External Battery Chargers

Summary: One of the most convenient devices, external battery chargers can act as a portable power bank.

Most of the time you’ll be walking around with a fully charged smartphone – well mostly charged. But, in the occasion that you’re facing the dreaded “10% power remaining” sign that so often comes up, you’ll want a backup option to help keep your phone functioning properly in the case of an emergency.

Enter the External Battery

This is where an external battery comes into play. These things come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and configurations. The only problem with them is there are way too many options to choose from.

With all these promises coming from big name manufacturers claiming that they’ll keep your phone charged for days, which model should you go with?

Now, this article isn’t designed to push you towards one brand over another. Rather, it’s created with “you” in mind. Meaning, whatever lifestyle you live, there’s a different type of external battery just for you. The experts at Start Pac, a ground power unit manufacturer and distributor, are one of many companies that are expanding on “portable power”, and pushing technological boundaries.

For instance, if you need something portable, there are a variety of little external batteries that can fit in your pocket for a small, but helpful, boost. Then you have the bulkier models that aren’t exactly as portable as the aforementioned but can provide a significant amount of power that can even charge your phone ten times over if it wanted to – similar to that of a diesel electric hybrid GPU if you want to go for overdramatic.

More importantly, select a unit that can provide an adamant amount of power. And remember, you get what you pay for. Don’t expect a 2000 mAh external battery unit to last you for the entire weekend when in constant us.