Three tips to keeping your network closets cool

MovinCool 3 Unit Lineup (PRNewsFoto/MovinCool)

Network closets and racks are typically located at edge locations throughout the building to connect end users to the core network. Unfortunately, most areas that house the network closets and equipment have insufficient cooling and are not operating with the heat that comes from the network equipment in mind. Here are three tips to help combat the excess heat in edge network locations:

Most building have centralized air conditioning that runs during operating hours. For organizations that don’t run during the clock, you should still utilize that air condition during the time it is available. Ensure that the room that houses the closet gets central air conditioning and possibly gets more than a single feed. If you can get the temperature low enough during the day, during off hours, when the operating temperature drops, it should maintain an adequate working temperature.

Another important technique is the use of proper rack building techniques. Use blanking plates and equipment positing to ensure that cold air comes in and hot air goes out. We want to avoid hot air traps between the equipment and blanking plates will help prevent that circulation. There should be no unused space in your rack without blanking plates.

Lastly, ensure that the room is sealed off and is only for housing the network closet. When you have other items in the room, any foot traffic will negatively affect the cooling and result in sub-optimal conditions, especially after-hours.