Three important considerations when deciding on hosting

1Written by Rack Alley

There are four main types of server hosting, in-house, colocation, dedicated & managed hosting. There can be far reaching consequences in the future based on what decision you make. Here are three questions that will help you determine which path you should take:

What level of server performance and capacity do you need now and in the future? Does your hosting decision give you right architecture, and the flexibility you need for the future? This is where managed hosting on the cloud comes in. Servers can be provisioned or deallocated on demand. Expect a big sales spike for the holidays? Spin up more instances of your la web hosting.

What is the cost of downtime to your business, and how does it compare to the price of insuring against downtime with IT resource or managed services? In house server hosting is the riskiest when it comes to downtime. Compare the in house infrastructure against what a dedicated data center will have. The redundancy at every level will ensure limited downtime due to non application issues.

What could go wrong with your applications, and what regular maintenance do they need? Who in your organization has the experience and skills to help you? An option like Los Angeles colocation will have around the clock support. If you don’t have the skills in house then you cannot afford to host the server in house and manage the application internally.


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