The pros and cons of the new Nvidia SHIELD TV

slivertechAt CES 2017, Nvidia announced the release of the latest version of its popular Android TV box. Although the original SHIELD was expensive, its stability and performance made it a hit among the Android TV community. Let’s look at the pros and cons of the new device:


Gaming – The streaming gaming service GeForce Now works very well. However, it does require a good connection (see: cons). It does require a monthly subscription along with the purchase of the game. 100 free games come with the service.

4K and HDR – It supports the newest two standards in TV: 4K and HDR. Even the older SHIELD TV was able to smoothly playback 4K, but the addition of HDR is a big boost.

Remote – The remote control now comes with the package.

Google Assistant – This is probably the biggest advantage of the new SHIELD. Later on this year, Google Assistant will be available. In addition, Nvidia has announced SPOT, a small add on plug which can be placed anywhere for Google Assistant support.


Expensive – The original SHIELD TV was expensive during its introduction in 2015, and this maintains the same price. It is close to the cost of a console and there is a higher spec version, which is even more expensive.

Connection – Nvidia has had a year to build up its streaming gaming features. The games streamed from its Geforce Now service is fast and smooth. However, it requires a fast and reliable network connection to work at all. Users outside the US will have no options.