The best waterproof phones

There was a lot of skepticism when several manufacturers made water-resistance once of the new features of their latest smartphone. However, as many have discovered, it is truly game changer to be able to use your phone without fear in the rain, at the beach, or even at home when you might spill some liquid. So much so that Google got a lot of flack for the lack of waterproofing on its first Pixel phone. Fortunately, there is a growing number of smartphones on the market with decent levels of water-resistance:

Galaxy S8 Active

The Galaxy S8 Active is probably the best of the waterproof phones you can buy today. The latest smartphone from Samsung can remain submerged in five feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Tests online show it lasting longer, but Samsung’s tests show 30 minutes as the longest you should go. The Active in the name denotes the more durable version of the S8, and the phone can survive falls, bumps and spills better than any other phone on the market.

iPhone X

Several features make the new iPhone X notable, and its IP67 rating is one of them. Unlike the Samsung S8 Active, the iPhone X can only manage 3.3 feet of water for 30 minutes. Having said that, that amount of submersion is more than enough for the vast majority of people.

Google Pixel 2

The original Pixel was a great smartphone but lacked any water-resistance. Google has made a point to ensure that the Pixel 2 is IP67, same as the iPhone X. The Pixel 2 is one of the best Android smartphones you can buy, and a lack of water-resistance is not one of them.