Shared web hosting considerations

rackalley3Written by Rack Alley

For a small business, renting a server or Los Angeles colocation can be excessive. The best option in such a situation is to look at a shared web hosting package. These are the cheapest packages available. This is because multiple accounts are stored on the same server sharing its resources. Here are some considerations to take into account when choosing this type of service:


Shared web hosting packages come with a certain amount resources allocated to each account. In addition, there are various other components and development environment variables available. However, anything outside of the present environment will not be possible. Any such customization will require a higher level package of Los Angeles web hosting.


There is some risk involved when sharing a server with other accounts.  Web sites and applications hosted on the same server can have an impact on other accounts. For example, if another application hosted on the server is compromised, it can lead to performance issues or a breach of the server. This can have an impact on all the accounts on the same server.


Depending on how many accounts are on the same server, the amount of resources available can be limited at any given time. While the account is guaranteed a certain amount, there are lower level resources on the server which can be affected by actions of the other accounts which can affect load times.


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