Radio Advertising Tips that Bring in Customers

In order to reach out to a customer base, certain tactics and strategies should be implemented to your advertisements.shutterstock_133417934

Captivating your audience through a radio advertisement isn’t as simplistic as you might believe. Businesses have implemented very “specific” strategies in their marketing tactics in order to pull the consumer into looking into their product or service. If you’re a business that’s looking into radio as your means of advertising, here are some quality tips that the professionals use to increase their customer base.

The Opener

The first bit of your commercial is essentially your first impression to your customer. It needs to provoke a desire within someone to further explore what your advertisement entails. Most of the time, radio ads will naturally be “tuned out” which makes grabbing someone’s attention through radio an extremely difficult process. Why? Because on a daily basis, the public is bombarded with numerous advertisers trying to “one-up” the other. It’s crucial to be impactful in your first few seconds. Don’t wait for a 20 seconds to go by before you describe what your service or product is useful for.

Call to Action: Compelling but Simple

As with almost every form of advertisement, there must be a relevant call to action that matters to your potential customer. It should be compelling but simple enough for people to react to quickly. As mentioned before, your typical consumer base will tune out commercials and possibly even switch stations frequently to find something that they want to hear. It’s important that you make your call to action have that specific “wow” factor in it.

“For brands, radio is still the place to create brand awareness and generate free publicity”, says Steve Doctrow, Executive Vice President of Rogers & Cowan. With the right form of advertising methods implemented, you’ll find that it’s met with great success – just ask any of the major companies.