A Quick Guide to Buying a Business Computer or Laptop

Summary: Choosing between a computer and a laptop depends largely on your technological needs.

Buying a laptop or desktop for your business involves similar considerations as you would when buying one for home use. Here are some of the top factors you’ll want to consider when making your purchase.

First off, buying a new computer or laptop depends on how mobile you’re going to be. If you’re working full-time in an office, the obvious choice would be a desktop PC. Employees that are going to be on the road will want to have access to a laptop. Choosing which one will depend on how much power and portability you’ll need.

Choosing a Processor

Multi-core processors are recommended for professionals because they allow you to multi-task and run multiple applications all at the same time. For instance, a dual-core processor helps with a smoother computing experience. It does the job well when it comes to basic computer tasks. A quad-core processor, on the other hand, is recommended for graphics-intensive work, database tasks, and utilizing programs that are quite taxing.

Selecting the Appropriate Type of Memory

The more memory you have access to, the better the performance will, especially when you’re operating multiple programs at once. A minimum of at least 2GB is recommended. However, it’s up to you to decide how much memory each computer will need. You can simply do this by looking into what tasks each individual has assigned to them. For instance, a graphic designer will need to use resource-hogging programs that can’t afford to have any delays or lags, therefore you’ll want a higher amount of installed memory as opposed to an employee that’s only tasked with basic writing and Internet use.