NOC Management: Should you Outsource or Handle Duties In-House?

Summary: Whether you decide to handle your data center’s functionality in-house or externally, you must consider the cost factor beforehand.

There’s been much debate when it comes to handling NOC functionality. Should it be outsourced to reduce costs or handle it in-house. Ultimately, it all comes down to what benefits the organization the most.

The data center manager that heads the entire operations must take everything into consideration prior to any decision being made. This means undergoing a thorough review that looks at everything from finances to automation. The decision should be made by the data center manager, and him alone.

Questions to Ask

As stated before, the most important element is what benefits the organization the most. Will it be cheaper to outsource? You’ll need to dig into the details of the cost equation to determine which option will suit your company the best.

Regardless of what path is chosen, it will cost a significant amount of money to incorporate a NOC and provide quality services. This is why you need to understand that rushing the process will only lead to errors and financial implications. Without adequate NOC services available, the availability rates of the data center will undoubtedly plummet, causing valuable resources to be wasted putting out the damages.

You need to look beyond the up-front expenses to get a better understanding of what you are spending. Take a look at the overall amount of finances you are allocating towards your NOC and determine what route will work best for you. Because in the long run, there will be recurring expenses that can play a crucial role in how long you’ll be able to maintain your data center at a high rate of performance.