Mobile gaming

Mobile gaming has changed within last few years. With the explosion of smartphones, mobile game developers are taking advantage of the new found popularity. Here is some information to consider when you buy your next smartphone.

Apple provides hardware as well as software for mobile platforms. Apple iPhone is one of the most popular products in the smartphone business. The iOS platform continues to be the preferred for most of the game developers. Unfortunately Apple has more restrictions on developers compared to Google and other platforms. App Store is the only venue to market products. The App Store sold 25 billion apps since its debut in 2008. That is good enough reason to develop games for the Apple platform.

Google is concentrating on developing a mobile base OS for multitude of phones developed by many. Approximately 46 percent of phones run on Android. Google is working with major game developers such as PopCap, EA and Halfbrick to get more games on its platform. Since Google depend on ad-based apps, it is hard for the game developers to make a profit.

Windows Phone 7 is a lesser known third platform for gamers. Microsoft allows limited number of games on WP7. Xbox Live integration is a good opportunity for Microsoft to promote gaming on WP7.