Microsoft announces launch of Cortana Analytics Suite, targets enterprise customers

Microsoft has announced the launch of the Cortana Analytics Suite at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Orlando, Florida. This suite consolidates all its machine learning, big data and analytics packages and products for its enterprise customers in particular.

Corporate Vice-President, Joseph Sirosh, at the helm of Azure ML, explained Microsoft’s intentions, in saying, “Our goal was to bring integration of these pieces so customers have a comprehensive platform to build intelligent solutions. Where the suite provides value is the great interoperability, finished solutions, recipes and cookbooks.”

 Cortana Analytics SuiteHe also said that Cortana, the Microsoft voice-driven personal assistant tool for Windows 10, is only a small part of the solution that is on offer. Yet it symbolized the “contextualized intelligence” that Microsoft wants to deliver with this suite.

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of pieces that constitute this solution. Some of them include the Azure ML, PowerBI and the Azure Data Catalog. A range of other technologies which use voice and face recognition will be offered to generate solutions such as churn forecasting and recommendation engines.

The company hopes that by providing an integrated solution, packaged solutions can be built by systems integrators and third parties and which will be based on the suite. In turn, this will attract customers to purchase a product that has pieces which fit in nicely.

The approach is really to build a product in integration which should reduce the complexity of these tools working in tandem.

Of course, this approach of selling these products as a bundle is nothing new since the company had already done this with Microsoft Office. Adobe has sold their Creative Suite in a similar fashion.