Key Applications for Ion Beam Technology

materials-scienceIon beam technology is one of the most efficient platforms in the industry.

One of the key and essential applications and benefits of using ion beam technology for processes like ion beam etching, or deposition purposes, is that it can produce high quality products in the end result. Here is an overview of ion beam generation, followed by some beneficial applications of ion beam technology.


An ion beam source is basically a plasma source that has a set of grids that enables the extraction of a stream of ions. Now, there are three main parts of the ion beam source known as the discharge chamber, the grids, and the neutralizer. Ion production is essentially done in the discharge chamber through the subjecting of a gas like argon into an RF field. An alumina quartz chamber that has an RF-powered coil antenna around it intakes the fed gas, therefore providing the sputtering systems with a quality system.

Capacitive coupling is suppressed inside an OIPT ion source through the placement of an electrostatic shield inside the quartz chamber to allow the RF magnetic component to transfer certain energy to the gas atoms – hence the ionization process mainly taking place through the inductive coupling process. Furthermore, stopping the electrostatic shield generates energy throughout the coil of the RF antenna as well as reducing the plasma generation efficiency of the RF power. It also helps to break up any continuous conducting coating from depositing inside the quartz plasma tube, which could screen and reduce the plasma generation efficiency of the RF power.

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