iPhone Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

iPhone Tips and TricksFor those considering buying an iPhone and even for those who are experienced users, there are always some tips and tricks you may not know about. Here are some cool and easy things that your phone can do for you. You can scroll to the top of the page by just clicking on the bar at the top of the screen where icons for battery and network are indicated. If your search engine is set to Google, you don’t need to enter “www” or “.com” in the URL box. If you wish to add a domain other than “.com”, (.net, .edu, etc.) then hold the “.com” button and then slide your finger to the correct option.

You can also take screenshots with the iPhone! Just hold down the home button and the press the sleep button, the screenshot is automatically saved onto your phone. In case your phone has learned the wrong spelling of a word, no worries, just go to settings then click on “general” and then on “reset” then finally hit “reset dictionary” in the warning that pops up. To avoid sync interruptions due to incoming calls, just set your phone on to the airplane mode! Use the “Swipe to Delete” option to quickly delete any item on any list. Just swipe your finger horizontally across the email or message that you wish to delete.

Most iPhone users feel that pressing the sleep button and making the screen go dark is equivalent to putting your phone off. However, this only puts your screen off and all open apps continue to run and consume battery. To totally switch off your phone, keep the sleep button pressed for a few seconds and the slide the red tab that appears on your screen.
Use Siri! She can remember people, take dictation and also set reminders and locations for you. You can ask her to make calls for you too!