How to setup a Hackintosh

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Apple has a lot of fans silvertechof their hardware and software. They tend to prefer OS X (now known as MacOS) over Windows. In some cases the software they use is only available for MacOS. There are two problems here. The first is that higher end Mac hardware tends to be much more expensive than their PC counterparts. The second issue is that Apple hasn’t updated some of their higher end in as long as three years. The options are to wait until Apple does a hardware refresh, or build a Hackintosh. A hackintosh runs MacOS but on standard PC hardware. Here is how to setup one.


You can’t use just any hardware. Apple has drivers only for a very small subset of chips, which means that when buying the hardware, you can only buy from a specific list. There are websites online that have exact parts that are compatible. You can however get much more RAM and faster CPU’s for far less than on a Mac.


There are installation procedures to be followed. Unfortunately, due to some of the integrations between hardware and software in MacOS, certain elements don’t work. One example is that Bluetooth doesn’t work. There are various workarounds to get it working, but they tend to break the next time Apple issues an OS update.

This method will give you a MacOS capable computer that is faster and cheaper than an Apple one, but there are drawbacks. In addition, as time goes by Apple will integrate the hardware and software more and more making these systems less and less stable.