How to Find the Right Balance in Email Blasting

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Most email marketers struggle to find a balance when it comes to email blasts. Sending too few emails may result in an abundance of missed opportunities to sell your product or service. Sending too many emails will lower your reputation and online presence. The key to success lies in finding the right balance. Here are some tips that you can go about achieving that.

Email BlastingAccording to various sources, many companies send out at least 5 emails per month, none of them exceeding 8. This is a reasonable amount to work around as it doesn’t overload a person’s inbox. There are still companies that send emails on a daily basis. You see them all the time, the ones that call for a “last day sale” only to have it extended for the next 7 days. These companies risk losing credibility when they market their products in this fashion.

Sending Too Few Emails

When you send very few emails on a monthly basis you can actually face negative PR. For one, some loyal customers may depend on your emails and can start viewing you as inconsistent or infrequent after a period of time. Subscribers can also forget that you even existed and move on. But, one of the most important negative aspects of not sending out emails enough is the missed opportunities to sell your product or service.

Sending Too Many Emails

When you send out too many emails, people have the tendency to unsubscribe so they don’t have to deal with the avalanche of emails that you’re throwing at them. Your reputation can also be damaged when it comes to email providers. When large amounts of people begin unsubscribing, email providers take this into consideration when determining your reputation.

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