How to Find the Best Employees for Your Control Center

Summary: Finding employees who will work well in your command center can make big differences in your company’s productivity.

If you own a business and want to find the best ways to compete with other companies, then the topic of efficiency has likely crossed your mind more than a couple of times. A control center is designed to integrate and optimize operations by using highly advanced technological systems. Taking all of this into consideration, it would be wise to find the right employees to operate the center, in order to fully take advantage of it.

When searching for the best employees you need to focus on certain aspects that will help your company grow. How effective the people operating the command centers are will dictate how efficient it will make the company.


First and foremost, there are certain qualifications you should check for when screening different employees. Some technical skills, such as understanding how networks are formatted and how they function, could help your employees understand how to configure a network operations center video wall. Being able to type quickly, communicate clearly, and work well under pressure are also skills that can help.

Look for the Right Attitude

Perhaps one of the most important things to look for when searching for new employees is a good attitude. A system from a company can design a highly sophisticated system that can initially be overwhelming to use. Find employees with growth mindsets who can perform well when things get tough. It might seem like an obvious characteristic to keep an eye out for but this is a small aspect that might get overlooked.