Google to add smaller Home at next Pixel launch

At its first full hardware launch event last year, it was impressive the Google launched a number of devices, all with a certain level of polish. This year, if the rumors circulating are accurate, Google will add a couple more devices to list: a smaller Google Home and a Pixel Chromebook.

The smaller Google Home will be the highlight of the launch event. The evolution of the original Google Home has been impressive. The accuracy and responses have improved significantly, and in some cases are far better than what you would get from the Echo. Also, Google added free voice calls to numbers in the US and Canada. Most importantly, the team added support for Google’s equivalent of Alexa’s skills, opening up the platform to third-party vendors.

The only possible drawback for the device was its price. At $129, it is not expensive, but for the device to be effective, it should be cheap enough to place one in every room of the house. Amazon has the Echo Dot in its lineup to fit that criterion. At $50, the dot is perfect both in form factor and price.

It is unclear at this point if the unit will match the price of the Dot, but if Google wants to make a dent in Amazon’s market share, they will need to price it aggressively. A $30 Google Home Mini would tick all the boxes.