Gamers look beyond online reviews

gamersOnline game reviews are abundant and more and more are cropping up every day. Some come before the release of games while the game is in development and others come immediately after the release. Whatever the case may be, does anyone pay attention to online reviews? Does the successful sale of a game depend on online reviews?

Sure, game developers are paying attention to online reviews. Some may even take suggestions and modify games in order to make it a better game experience or even come up with new versions. But the comments need to be genuine, creative and constructive to get the gamers attention.

Many who play online games may not buy a game solely based on online reviews. Gamers select games based on other factors such as prior association with a particular game developer, past play experience of a sequence, recommendations from friends, and many other reasons. Even if a game gets a bad review, online gamers may not pay that much attention to it. Don’t get me wrong, we need online game reviews. But don’t rely on the success or a failure of a game solely on online reviews. Gamers are looking for better playing experience.