Common Issues Helicopter Starting Systems Face

Before performing maintenance on a helicopter be sure that you take an in-depth look at the internal components beforehand.

helicopter-over-waterThere are numerous components that make up a helicopter’s starting system. It’s extremely diverse and all of these components are essentially chained together in order for the helicopter to function adequately. Any small issue that occurs with any of the upstream units will then travel downstream until it turns into a major internal problem with the starter’s performance. This isn’t to be taken lightly as the helicopter could suffer serious damage.

Always Be Cautious When Performing Repairs

Remember, each component in the system can be affected by a variety of problems, so be sure that you keep a close eye on the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions prior to performing any troubleshooting or repairs – this goes the same for portable power supply units as well.

Common Battery Issues Faced by Helicopter Users

Some of the most common battery problems involve them going through a strenuous environment. Take note that the battery is going to be exposed to heat, cold, and moist settings whenever it’s being used – along with the high vibrations of the engine, transmission, and so on. You can also utilize a portable power pack to help start the helicopter, which works just as effectively as the on-board system yet utilizes the electricity from the unit itself. The battery’s health has a direct impact on the performance of the starting system – this is important to remember. Weak batteries will result in slow and poor starter performances, which can be easily identified by watching how long the starter takes before it successfully starts.

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