Breadboard Manufacturing: The Future of Embedded Electronics

The founders of Onanon saw a void in the electronics industry. There was room for smarter applications of this technology, faster building methods and opportunity to branch out into related industry. The company focused on revolutionizing the manufacturing process, using automation and “breadboard” style manufacturing to decrease production times. They were also the first to introduce the PC board as a connector pin substrate. Now, this technique is commonly used in everything from hobbyist hacking projects to high-tech electronic design.

Onanon has become North America’s largest supplier of cables and connectors because of this level of dedication to the core customer base.

Onanon began as a company servicing printed circuit boards, providing CNC routing, CNC drilling and CNC scoring. The company shifted focus to insulation for those connectors shortly after. Eventually, the manufacturing encompassed all aspects of the connector, such that they could create and ship a completed product.

Because of the company’s vertical integration, customers can order modified equipment. That means a printed circuit board can act as a platform for development, which opens the door for speed scoring, over molding and the ability to serve multiple industries.

Key Partners

The company works with several partners, two of the biggest being John Deere and Johnson and Johnson. Johnson and Johnson has a healthcare side of the business that has increased demand for electrical connectors in the hospital room.

The business of tractors, on the other hand, has become increasingly more high-tech as time has gone on. On-board computers display ample information on everything from the gradation of the ground to the weather patterns in the area. Onanon customized connecters with integrated electronics for the onboard headers.

Breadboard Manufacturing

One of the methods Onanon utilizes to show off its products is through the trade show. At places like the Electronics West Conference in Anaheim, Onanon engages with its customer base and has the opportunity to show off some of the custom connectors the company is capable of producing.

The most logical question is, if a connector is just a connector, what makes Onanon so prominent in the space? The answer is breadboard manufacturing.

A breadboard was, at one time in the history of electronics, a literal board with pieces of copper hammered into it. It has evolved to better accommodate evolving electronics. Breadboards now come loaded with springs and other components. Onanon uses breadboards as a base, so a product can be reproduced hundreds or thousands of times at once.

A Closer Look at Embedded Tech

Imagine a world where physician’s can’t make mistakes, and where it’s easer to track a patient’s diagnostics in real-time. Adding Eproms to connectors takes us one step closer to that future. LEDs can be installed for intuitive usage, or RFID for Lot traceability.

With refinement, more tech can be placed in a smaller space. That makes scaling a design easier when the confines become smaller and smaller.

The Future

Onanon, and companies that utilize this breadboard process, are experimenting heavily in custom applications that utilize these platforms. The end result is that electronics are getting smaller, and applications are increasing. In addition, medical technology is easier and cheaper to produce in batches.