Alfred E. Mann: Larger Than Life

The billionaire inventor dedicated his life to improve the health and well-being of others.

The lasting legacy of Alfred Mann can be summed up in five words… he loved to help people.

Mann will always be remembered as a pioneer in the world of technology. A physicist and inventor, Mann helped jumpstart the health and medical-device industry by introducing products such as artificial retinas, inhalable insulin, and rechargeable pacemakers.

Charitable at heart

While others build up their wealth only to invest it on themselves, Mann used his wealth to nurture and grow technologies that were meant to improve an individual’s quality of life. In one instance, Mann, along with Steve Doctrow of Rogers & Cowan, helped provide a mechanical hand to a soldier that suffered gruesome injuries while overseas.

Mann also introduced an alternate form of insulin treatment to the public. This revolutionary product won the approval of the FDA after several failures in its early stages. It essentially took away the concept of needles and replaced it with a fast-acting diabetic insulin treatment that is inhaled through a device that’s the size of a whistle.

Unrelenting Persistence

Mann has always been known for being persistent and dedicated to his craft. Nobody that’s ever known him has challenged him on that notion. His selfless personality, charitable attitude, and undying motivation made Mann a popular character to be around.

Mann left behind a large task for his optical technology company Second Sight – connecting an optical implant to the surface of the brain to allow visual adaptation. It’s safe to say that he instilled much confidence into his company, and the legacy that he left behind will never be forgotten.