Alexa is now available on your Android Phone

Amazon’s popular voice assistant is now available for Android users with the Alexa app. Previously, the only way you could access the voice assistant on your Android phones was through third-party apps like Reverb. These third-party apps are legitimate; however, they did not provide complete functionality. The latest update to the Alexa app finally adds first-party Alexa support to Android.

When you launch the latest Alexa app on your Android Phone, you will see an Alexa button in the bottom center of the application. When you press the button once, you will get a voice prompt in the form of a blue car at the bottom of the screen that is waiting for a verbal command. Please note that you will get a system prompt for permissions on the first launch of the application.

One thing that users must remember is that Alexa on your phone won’t be as good as picking up audio as an Echo. The Echo contains several beamforming microphones that can pick up audio in noisy environments.

Now you can use Alexa on your Android Phone just like you would an Echo. However, there is still on the key limitation that prevents more productive use. As it stands, every time you want to trigger Alexa, you need to unlock your phone, open the app, and press the button. Google Assistant, on the other hand, has a feature allows it to always listen on your phone. Just saying the wake word triggers the Assistant. It is unclear if Amazon will enable an always-on mode for Alexa shortly.