2 Simple Questions To Help You Find An Expert Android App Developer

Android-Apps-DevelopmentSo you think you’ve thought up the next big social media platform? Or is it a game that’s more addicting than Angry Birds? Whatever it is, you’ve got to get that app on Android. Here are two essential questions to improve your android app development.

“How is Your Java?”

Android is based on Java, which is the most common language taught to app development Los Angeles students. Because they’re handy with Java, they’ll tell you they can develop your app. While knowing Java is necessary, an expert developer knows more. For example, they’ll know how to take advantage of Android’s open source ecosystem. Ask the developer if they plan on borrowing code from the Android Open Source Project, and their answer will reveal how experienced they really are.

“How Have You Dealt with Jank?”

If your developer is as confused as you are by that term, they’re not very experienced. If an app runs smoothly on an iPhone, but is choppy on an Android, that’s jank. If an Android app crashes, overrides commands, or is just downright ugly – that’s jank. An experienced developer will be able to tell you how they’ve combatted jank in the past for good mobile application development Los Angeles.

Asking these two simple questions will guarantee you don’t waste time interviewing rookie developers.


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